Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Note Book by Nicholas Sparks

This book is a love story about Noah and Allie. Noah and Allie met in a small town in North Carolina where the tall trees reflected from the river’s water. When Noah saw Allie he completely fell in love. He thought she was beyond any woman he'd ever seen. Her beauty just stood out. They ended up meeting each other and soon after they fell in love with each other. They had so much fun together, always laughing. After they argued they were soon laughing again. There was something wrong with this perfect couple.

Allie’s parents didn't approve of this relationship because Noah was lower class than they. Allie’s parents ended up leaving New Bern so that summer was the last time Noah got to see Allie for a while. One thing Noah told Allie was that he was going to fix up this big old house in New Bern and make it his. Noah would write to Allie but Allie’s mom never gave her the notes. They eventually end up meeting again, rescuing their love for each other and living happily with their kids. A tragedy happens when Allie gets older and she loses her memory forgetting everything except glimpses of the love she shared with Noah.

Dorian C.

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