Friday, October 9, 2009

The Good Guy by Dean Koontz

This is the story of an ordinary mason (a person who makes walls and such). He went to a bar after a hard day of work and drank a beer. He ran into this guy (unknown name) and after having a very interesting conversation about skydiving with dogs the unknown person hands Tim Carrier an envelope and says, "Here is half; you get the rest after the job is done." He handed him an envelope that contained ten-thousand dollars in cash and a picture of a lady with a name that read Linda Paquette. Tim is no dummy; he knows this guy meant to kill this lady. When the real hit man arrives, Tim gives Larry Kravet the money. Then he runs off to warn this Linda character to run away from home. He gets caught up in this messy situation and the next thing Tim knows he is running for his life with Linda trying to escape a killer who won't give up. Will Tim survive? Will he and Linda get killed? Will he live to tell the tale? Find out if Tim is really a "Good Guy".I think this book is amazing. It was packed with action and adventure. I wish there were a series of these books. Dean Koontz does an amazing job with description and detail. This is one thriller you have to read to know the ending. I will admit it had its twists and turns but the ending is unforgettable.I recommend this book to any thrill-seeker who is looking for a good tale about a good guy.

Preet M.

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