Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Bourne Identity by Robertr Ludlum

This book starts with a man who isn't named at first and who mysteriously finds himself at the Pacific Ocean under the midnight sky in a storm. He tries to stay above the surface but he struggles to endure the storm while swimming to a large ship. When he manages to swim and climb onto the ship, he tries to conceal himself from the people on the ship.

I liked the beginning because it describes the character without you knowing his name or how he got there or why he can't remember anything from his life. I thought it was a great story because the main character is only relying on instinct and for some reason, he knows how to fight very well and uses his surroundings as a weapon. Also, he had to enter a high security bank because he needed something in storage that would prove to be useful and he got the information from a person who led him there. After leaving through the window, he gets onto the rooftop where he finds a woman who is going through hard times. He asks her if he can travel with her, far away from that place, in exchange for a large amount of money.

I think other people will like this story because it leads the main character to an assassin who could possibly be a threat to the government.

Carlos G.

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