Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweep, #1 - "Book of Shadows" By Cate Tiernan

Morgan is just an average teenage girl, going to school and experiencing life. But she isn't the ordinary girl she believes herself to be. She lives with her mom and dad and younger sister Mary K. She has two best friends, Robbie and Bree. She meets a handsome guy named Cal Blair who is automatically drawn to her. She finds she possesses an unknown power and her life begins to change.

She begin to like Cal Blair as he is nice and friendly. But when she is invited to a circle of Wicca to celebrate the holiday Mabon, she learns she has this ability to make magic and this sparks Cal's interest in her. He ends up creating a rift between her and Bree. At the last Wicca circle, Cal forms a coven with the group, naming it Cirrus. At this Wicca circle, Morgan discovers she is a blood witch.

I recommend anyone who likes magic and romance stories to read this book. I loved it. It was suspenseful and it’s the first book of the series that includes fourteen books.

Colleen C.

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