Thursday, May 21, 2009

Street Pharm By Allison Van Diepen

The book, Street Pharm, is about a seventeen year old guy, Ty Johnson, who lives in Brooklyn. Orlando Johnson is his father and he is a well known drug dealer. While Orlando is in jail for dealing drugs, Ty is keeping his father’s business going and is a very successful drug dealer. Ty is an intelligent teenager who is already making a lot of money and living the life. Ty gets kicked out of school for fighting and starts going to a last chance school. While at this school he meets a girl he starts to like. They begin to hang out a lot and she starts liking him but she does not know he deals drugs. Ty tries to hide the fact he is dealing drugs because she does not want her son to be raised around drugs.

Ty's mom does not like the fact he is running his father’s drug business. Struggling to hold onto the pieces of his father's business, he faces competition from out of town and things get serious. When Ty starts to get competition from other drug dealers, stuff starts to get heated. One day Ty is walking out of a store and sees a car going by slowly. Bullets start flying and he gets shot and ends up in the hospital. The cops start to ask questions about why he was shot and if he is a drug dealer. Ty denies being involved with anything. Ty asks his friend to find out who shot him and he finds out it is a drug gang from Florida. They want to start dealing drugs in Brooklyn and take over Ty's territory. After the shooting, Ty does not go back to school and moves out of his mother's apartment and gets his own place. He has to decide if he should keep going down the road he's going and lose the people who are closest to him or if he should stop the drug dealing and get a real job.

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