Thursday, May 21, 2009

Staying Pure by Stephanie Perry Moore

Payton Skky has everything a high school senior could want. She is popular, gets excellent grades and her parents are wealthy. Payton is also part of the cheerleading squad. Most importantly, she is a Christian. Payton goes with a boy named Dakari Graham. Dakari is one of the most looked at boys at Laney High School. He is the captain of the football team and he plays basketball. Payton and Dakari have really strong feelings for each other but Dakari wants to have sex with Payton. Payton is struggling between keeping her commitment with God and having sex with Dakari. Payton has three good friends who are there for her throughout the novel. They are Rain, Dymond and Lynzi. Each of them has relationships of their own. Lynzi goes out with a guy named Bam. Bam ended up cheating on Lynzi with Starr’s cousin. But it’s a good thing they ended up getting back together because Lynzi thought she was pregnant but thank God she wasn't. Because Dakari wants sex, he ends up cheating on Payton with this girl named Starr. Starr is a pretty girl on the outside but her heart isn't right. Later on, Payton ends up falling for a guy named Tad Taylor. Tad is fine; he has chocolate skin with beautiful brown eyes and he is tall and most importantly, a Christian. Tad and Payton connect spiritually but also emotionally. They both want to go to the University of Georgia. They serve God in their relationship by staying pure. Tad ends up escorting Payton at the cotillion. But drama comes when Starr tries to get with Tad. And by assuming the worst, Payton and Tad break up. By the grace of God Payton and Tad work things out in their relationship and get back together. I liked this book because a lot of young girls are struggling with this issue of staying pure. And this book is really a reality of what we go through in our daily life with God. I could really relate to this book.

Dana W.

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