Friday, May 22, 2009

My Horizontal Life. By Chelsea Handler

This book is about comedian, Chelsea Handler, and her young adulthood one night stands. She sets up each chapter to be a different, hilarious and exciting story about the crazy nights she had when she was younger. They are all true stories which make it just that much more exciting to read.

When reading this book, you just never want to put it down. It's addicting because each chapter is so short you just want to keep on reading. I loved this book because it kept me interested throughout the entire thing. I got a lot of really good laughs out of this book as well. I think other students will like this book because of how funny it actually is. Another reason people will like this book is because it is about Chelsea Handler, the comedian host of Chelsea Lately! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ALL!!

Chelsey W.

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