Thursday, May 21, 2009

Heart's Delight by Per Nilson

This book is a story about a boy who has a simple everyday life that soon changes when on the way to school he notices a girl he's never seen before get on the bus. That red haired girl stole his heart at first glance. The book is written in first and third person, depending on the chapter, since some chapters are flashbacks. At the same time it is written as if he's watching a movie, directing the movie and ordering when to cut and when to add or delete some scenes. This is an innovative style I had never seen before in a book and while it might sound confusing, when reading it, it makes complete sense. This style makes the reading interesting and enjoyable, and is perhaps the biggest strength of the book.

The story includes humor, drama and anecdotes of "He", the unnamed guy who is going through all kinds of trouble just to spend more time with the girl of his dreams.

In 188 pages, the author describes one beautiful but at the same time, heart-breaking story of a boy who's waiting for a phone call one Saturday night. This story sounds like your typical love story but Heart's Delight has an original twist combining an incredible story that should be read by anyone and I believe is worth anyone's time.

Alejandro V.

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