Friday, March 20, 2009

Message in a Bottle by Nicolas Sparks

Message in a Bottle is the second romance novel written by Nicolas Sparks that expressed both love and grief. Theresa Osborne is a single parent. In the novel she is dealing with a divorce from her son Kevin's father. Theresa is the editor at a Boston newspaper. Theresa goes on vacation with her good friend, Deanna, and her husband. While on a walk by the ocean she found a message in a bottle written by Garret. Garret lost his wife, Catherine, in a car accident; writing letters to her was a way for him to get over her death. When Theresa found the message she immediately fell in love with Garret. She thought "whoever writes a letter like this must be something special". Soon after, Theresa publishes the letter and then begins to receive responses from people saying they found similar letters. She decides to do research on Garret. She finds out his name is Garret Blake. Later, she decides to go and visit Garret and that is a journey through life itself.

I thought this book was awesome. I highly recommend it to women and even men, who love romance but also drama. Read it, as this book will truly open your eyes.

Dana W.

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