Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DOORMAT by Kelly McWilliams

This book is a very good book for teenagers because it shows what a lot of girls have to go through and how difficult it is to live in a society where people expect a lot from them and they feel lost in a world where they don't know what to do with their life.

This book is mainly about a girl named Jaime; she doesn't know what she wants in life. She lives with her mom because her dad left them when she was little and she feels lost. She has a friend named Melissa who is really pretty and who wants to be a model. Melissa knows what she wants in life but she has to face something that changes her life. She gets pregnant and she doesn't know what to do or whether to tell her parents. Jaime helps her make the choice to keep the baby and they go through different things together.

I recommend this book because it makes you understand what others go through and how difficult it is. I enjoyed this book because it was really interesting. It always made me want to keep reading because the characters had to go through different stuff that a lot of teenagers go through and it’s easier to understand books when you can actually relate and make connections with them.

Elizabeth C.

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