Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Wrong Reflection by Gillian Bradshaw

Ever wake up and notice the reflection staring back at you is not yours? Well, in the book, The Wrong Reflection, by Gillian Bradshaw, this is what happens to the main character. He wakes up after being in a horrible car accident and he realizes the person staring back at him is not who he remembers being. Throughout the novel, this character, who goes by the name of Paul Anderson, is in search of his true identity. I liked this book because it was different from anything else I have ever read. There was a great twist at the end and I also really liked that. It is a very intriguing story I would recommend to anybody who likes to read about science fiction and mystery. The author did a very good job of catching the reader's attention and making this a book I never
wanted to put down!

Samantha S.

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