Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Frenchtown Summer by Robert Cormier

"That summer in Frenchtown in the days when I knew my name but did not know who I was". This quote, from the beginning of Frenchtown, is important because the main character is saying he is in that town but nobody really seems to notice him. The character's name in this book is not mentioned because he is the narrator. He talks about what happens in the town in which he lives. The name of the town this young kid lives in is Frenchtown. He lives on the second floor of the three-decker on Fourth Street. At the beginning of this book the narrator talks about his family. He has a brother named Raymond who is popular and every body knows his name. The kid feels like a ghost next to his brother since everybody knows Raymond. His father is a hard working man and his mother is a house mother. Like most of the people in this world who have aunts and uncles, so does the narrator. In the middle of the book he talks about his aunt who lost a baby just as he is born. Also, his uncle is not really a caring person; he just kept going on with his life. The narrator talks about his crush on a beautiful Sister who taught him how to play the piano; that's how the narrator started liking her. Eventually, the Sister had to go back to the Convent. Another thing that happens to the narrator is when he got his first pair of glasses. I really recommend this book to people who like to read poems, mystery, adventure and suspense books. This book, for me, was kind of related to the book of Anne Frank. I think they are related because the two kids wrote about their every day lives and their adventures in the form of a diary. If you liked to read the book of Anne Frank I am pretty sure you will like A Summer in Frenchtown.

Belen C.

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