Friday, August 16, 2013

Thirteen Reasons Why by: Jay Asher

Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why is about a girl named Hannah who had committed suicide. Before she committed suicide she made thirteen tapes that involved all the people who made her life go from great to terrible all in one month. The main person in the book is Clay. One day when Clay came home from school there was a box sitting on his front stoop. Clay was very confused because it didn't have a return address on it so he didn’t know who sent it. Clay opened the box and there were 13 tapes inside. He was very confused about them so he took tape one out and began to listen to it. As he hit play, he realized it was Hannah's voice. Clay was very confused about why she would have sent the tapes to his house. As Clay listened, he heard about all the people who made Hannah's life terrible. As each tape played, Clay found out what the people did to Hannah that made her life so bad. Toward the end of the book, Clay finished up the tapes. He felt very guilty and thought Hannah's death was all his fault but in reality it wasn't. Hannah was actually thanking Clay for being such a good friend to her when everyone else was putting her down. Hannah asked one thing of Clay and that was he would pass the tapes on to whomever was next on the list. At first Clay thought it wouldn't be right. After Clay thought about it, he decided to send the tapes to the next person. He figured if Hannah really didn't want people to know what happened then she wouldn't have made the tapes. So Clay sent the tapes to the next person wondering if the next person would feel the same way he felt after listening to the tapes. After reading this book, I have realized calling people names may not affect you but it sure is affecting the other person. Even though you might have meant the comment in a joking way, the person you said it to just might take it very seriously. My opinion is always to think before you speak, because you never know how someone else is going to take what you say.

Kelly R.

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