Friday, August 16, 2013

House Rules By: Rachel Sontag

House Rules is a very popular book for students who like Psychology. One of the things you learn about in Psychology is abuse and all the affects it has on the people who get abused and also the people who are around all the abuse. This book is a very good example of how emotional and mental abuse can affect people and their behaviors. Rachel, her sister Jenny and her mom were all victims of mental and emotional abuse. Their father was the one who attacked them mentally and physically. You never find out in the story what causes it but if you know the general reasons for being abusive, like he is, you can pick up on some of his past that has caused him to be the way he is. I would have to say this is a very good book for people who want to learn and see real examples of abuse. I do think anyone can read this book. You can read it even though you might not know anything about mental or emotional abuse. I think you would get different reactions to the book because of the content described and this book will open your eyes to realize people actually go through this kind of stuff. For example, some people might think the father is just very strict and some people might say he is crazy. I think this book would also be popular for any mature audience because this book does get a bit graphic in the middle of the story when Rachel is in the foster home. The audience needs to be able to handle the hardships Rachel faces when she leaves home, goes to college, then drops out of college and tries to start a new life without her family, except for her sister Jenny. I would say any reader has to be prepared to not be able to put down this book. Once you start reading, it sucks you in and you want to keep finding out more and more about what is going on at that moment.
Andrea S.

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