Friday, August 16, 2013

Band Of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose

The book, Band of Brothers, is written by Stephen E. Ambrose. The book is based on an HBO mini-series. The book tells a non-fiction story about the 101st Airborne who were the men who parachuted on D-day in WW2. The book follows E Company, a platoon run by Lt. Winters, who is a well respected leader among the men. The author gives you vivid images of what the men saw during the war and how the men bonded together as a family. The book describes how E Company was a key factor in some of the battles that were fought on the European front and the men had to endure hard conditions during the one of the coldest winters in Europe. The author also gives you an idea how the daily life of a soldier was eating the same type of meal three times day and sleeping in a foxhole so you could lower your chances of getting hit by a mortar round. I really enjoyed the book because I like reading about events that happened in history and I like learning about WW2. The book will be a good read for you if you are interested in America’s history of war and like reading non-fiction books.
Austin P.

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