Monday, May 6, 2013

Somebody Everybody Listens To by Suzanne Supplee

Somebody Everybody Listens To by Suzanne Supplee is a book of dreams and hopes for teen girls to read. It is a fiction book without a lot of attention to detail. You will enjoy reading this book because you can easily relate to it. 

It’s a book about Retta Lee Jones who wants to be a country music singer. She has just graduated high school and she works at the local diner in Starling, Tennessee where she works hard to help support her family. Starling is a small town and not much happens around town. Her father has a beaten down back that goes out all the time and her mother has never worked a day in her life. Retta is a strong 18 year old who packs up her bags and heads to Nashville with hopes and dreams to make it big. She has always been a singer but finding jobs in Nashville is tougher than it seems. She travels from place to place and meets a man who helps her while she is in Nashville. 

While on this journey, Retta learns a lot about her life from her parents' relationship to the person she needs to be. With stars in her eyes and her strong will, Retta takes what she has learned and discovers the man she meets just might be the one to change her life. 

If you’re looking for a book you don’t want to put down, read Somebody Everybody Listens To.

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