Monday, May 13, 2013

Num8ers by Rachel Ward

Rachel Wards book, Num8ers, is a work of fiction. If you enjoy reading stories that involve hidden secrets and adventures, then Num8ers is a perfect choice. 

Jem is a teenager who is in school and has a hidden talent; a talent that is not so great to have because of many reasons. Jem has the talent of being able to look into people’s eyes and see how long they have to live. Her talent does not show how it happens or where it happens; it simply shows a number in the eyes of people. 

In the beginning of her life, when she first discovered her talent, she did not understand why she saw numbers. Every day she would look into her mother’s eyes and see a number that simply did not change. As she grew older, the number in her mother’s eyes seemed to appear as a date. 

One morning, Jem woke up and went into the kitchen where a box of cereal and a bowl would normally be. This morning neither of the items needed to make a bowl of cereal were there. Jem was shocked and confused. The entire house was filled with silence so Jem went to check where her mother was. As she entered her mother’s room she realized her mother was clocked out, otherwise dead. Jem then realized the numbers she sees are dates for when people will die. 

As the book continues, she meets a boy (Spider) with whom she becomes close, falls into trouble with him and then realizes the boy now has a number in his eyes. This book has many twists, some you can see coming and others happen out of the ordinary. Read Num8ers to find out about the adventures of Jem.

Victor A.

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