Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Bullet Away by Nathaniel Fick

Nathaniel Fick’s book, One Bullet Away, is a great book about the Afghan war. It is a non-fiction book about the war going on in Afghanistan. 

If you have ever seen the series, Generation Kill, it’s similar to the book but it portrays one person in the series, the commander Nathan. In the book, Nathan was going to law school but he did not like it so he dropped out to do something different. One day he went to a local supermarket and there was a recruiter there for the Army and Nathan seemed very interested. The recruiter told him he would be able to join the Officer Cadet School since he had an associate’s degree. He was up for the job and so were his parents. 

He left for OCS and then was astonished when he realized what he had done. When he got there five of the Cadets had dropped out on the first day. He didn't know whether he would pass or even survive. The book does a very good job describing how hard it is to go through OCS. It describes the physical and mental pain you endure going through the program. He eventually passes the program and then the terrorist attack, 9-11, occurs. 

He left for the war and was in charge of a platoon. This book could use a little more detail about the platoon but some is there. The book tells about how war is and what it feels like. Nathan leads his men to victory and then earns a higher rank. You will have to read about what medals and ranks he has achieved. 

If you are interested in war and current events, I suggest this book for you.
Steve D.

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