Monday, April 22, 2013

Bruiser by Neil Shusterman

Bruiser, by Neil Shusterman, is somewhat unique. Reading a book about a young man who takes flesh wounds sounds familiar. But it is a good book if you are looking for something to read in your spare time. 

It is the story of a girl who takes in stray guys for some unknown reason. This quickly takes a turn for better/worse. Tennyson, the brother of Bronte, is wary of his sister dating a man who was likely to receive the death penalty. Brewster,  with his superpower, takes pain from others about whom he cares. (He would be a horrible Avenger). Cody is the small boy who constantly gets hurt. These two are the main characters. 

The book is structured very well. The story is interesting all the way to the end. It is easy to understand all the unique personalities of the characters.  Brewster is the most alien-like. His uncle is always holding him back from society because of his ability. Brewster never experiences true friends or has much social interaction until he finally meets Bronte and opens up. But as he opens up, his new found friends get hurt and so does he. 

I can see why the book qualifies as a Lincoln award book. It's very good and could be a good book for you.
Martinez P.

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