Friday, April 26, 2013

A Child Called "IT" by David Pelzer

Dave Pelzers book, A Child Called "IT", is non-fiction. When you hear nonfiction, you think of a boring book and why would you care about what happened in someone else’s life? Not with this book. 

A Child Called "IT" is about the author, Dave, and how he survived continuous years of child abuse from his mother. His mother had a drinking problem and when she drank she became angry and tried to solve her problems with violence. David would show up at school with cuts and bruises and the other kids would just make fun of him. The school officials tried to help but the mother would always lie her way through it. Dave’s brothers would tell lies just to get David into trouble. His father is in denial about what is happening in his family and completely ignores everything. 

This biography comes from an earlier time period but still today child abuse and alcohol addictions are an ongoing problem. David could have been helped by so many people but they just overlooked him like nothing was wrong. By reading this book, it really opened my eyes to seeing how child abuse is a horrible, continuous problem even to this day. People need to stop overlooking it because it can be stopped if the right people get involved.
Brittany C.

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