Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tech Tues: Keeping Time

Sometimes we need a timer whether were keeping a class on task or creating interactive presentations requiring the audience to interact with each other such as “Think, Pair and Share”.  Online Stop watch.com offers a variety of timers such as the classic stop watch, egg timers and even a quirky bomb.
Timers can be embedded into a Power Point slide by first saving the picture of the timer you would like to use and insert it into your Power Point presentation. Next link the picture to the online timer you have chosen, make sure to insert the full screen link this way during your presentation it will only take a second to set the time interval. Try this Egg timer by Online Stop Watch.com.
Many of you are creating Google sites, Blogs & My Big Campus sites to communicate with your students, parents and organizations . Time and Date.com offers a plethora of free clocks and timers to embed on your webpage. After selecting the best clock for your purpose, it can be custom made as the Summer Vacation count down  below. Once your clock is selected and custom designed to fit your website Time and Date.com  provides  the free html code to copy and paste into your website.
 Staying on time and making each day count!

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