Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blog Book Reviews

Did you know that we have over 500 book reviews from students on our LRC blog?

We have reviews of books from a wide range of genres (humor, science fiction, romance, etc.). Most are submitted as part of a class assignment, but we often get reviews from students who, on their own, are inspired to let everyone know about a particularly good (or bad book).

Finding Book Reviews

There are two ways to search for reviews. The first is to use the blog search bar at the top left corner of the screen. This works best if you know of a particular author or title For instance, if you want to see all the reviews of Stephen King books that other students have posted, can search for Stephen King or a book like Carrie.

If you are looking for a certain type of book (e.g. a certain genre or one that has certain characteristics – a funny book, for instance), you can use labels. All of our blog post reviews have labels that help us to organize them according to the type of book reviewed. A book that is a fictional romance with lots of funny moments would probably have labels like: romance, fiction, funny (or humor). You can find a directory of these labels in the bottom left corner of the blog.

Just click on a label and you will get all book review posts with that label.

Submitting Your Own Book Review

If you would like to submit your own book review, go to the top menu bar of the blog and click on the Submit a Book Review link. Fill in the information in the book review submission form. Done.

The review gets sent to the LRC staff. We edit and then post the reviews to the blog. It can sometimes take us a while to get to it. So, if it has been a few days or longer, please feel free to stop by and check with us. We might be able to speed it along for you.

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