Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tech Tues: Cat Fishing?

Today's post isn't really about fishing but about not getting caught in the net of an internet hoax. "Catfish hoax" and the term "cat fishing" are used to label social media deceptions. See the Catfish Hoax trailer from this You Tube video below.
"Cat fishing" has made headlines this week largely because of the latest catfish hoax  involving Notre Dame's linebacker Manti T'eo. He has been involved in a widely publicized Catfishing hoax. The verdict is still out on whether or not T'eo took part in the hoax. Was he looking to gain publicity for the NFL football draft? If so, it worked since many first learned of Manti T'eo when the news media announced he lost both his grandmother and his girlfriend on the same day while leading Nortre Dame's football team to victory.  Or was he simply a boy involved in school, studying, and sports with little time for a social life and fell in love using, Twitter, Face book and texting without ever meeting his girlfriend face to face?

Our Teen Health and Wellness database offers helpful information on "How much sharing and showing is too much?

Staying safe of social network sites by US-CERT

Keep yourself safe by using Skype to meet someone you don't know face to face. Remember if you're not comfortable talking to someone face to face it's probably not wise to add that person as a friend to a social media site where they can access your photo's and personal information.

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