Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Big Campus for Students: An Overivew

Our school recently signed up for a service called My Big Campus. It is kind of like Facebook for schools. In other words, it is a social network that you can use to communicate with other students or teachers, including writing on their wall or message them, create a photo album and other cool features. There is also a calendar where you can keep track of assignments and where teachers can share important dates with you.

But there are a few features that are unique to schools. Teachers can create lessons online, send them to students and grade them all online. There is also a virtual classroom that My Big Campus refers to as a group. Club sponsors and coaches could also use these as places to share information, have discussions, post a class syllabus or upload class handouts. These groups are private by default, so no one outside of your class can see them.

How Can My Big Campus help me here at school?

If your teacher has decided to use the program in your class,, then you probably know some of the benefits. You can send a message to your teachers any time Your teacher can post class notes, important dates, resources you can download if you lose them, just to name a few of the features. If none of your teachers, coaches or club sponsors use the program yet, please let them know about it. 

Here is a quick tour of the menu.

1. Activity Wall: Write on your wall or on the walls of other WEGO students or staff. Please remember that all posts are public to everyone at school.

2. Conversations: Private messaging to other students or staff. Note: Nothing is really private, so please be appropriate.

3. Schoolwork: This is where you will find or submit lessons from teachers.

4. Your Stuff: This is your virtual storage locker. Upload files less than 100 megabytes, but there is unlimited storage space.

5. MBC Documents: Create documents and share with others so they can edit them as well.

6. Calendar: Keep track of important dates or see events sent to your by your teachers.

7. Blog: Create a blog. Others can follow it or you can follow theirs.

8. Profile: Access your profile, create photo albums, see who is following your wall or who your are following.

9. Groups/People: Click on Groups to see groups you belong to. Click on People to see people in your class or to see other people associated with you.

10: My Big Campus Logo / Home: Click on the logo or Home button to get back to your home screen.

11. Search Box: Search through all My Big Campus materials you have access to as a student. Look up school topics, people, groups, etc.

12. Notifications: Anytime someone writes on your wall, send you a message or assigns schoolwork, you will get a notification here.

13. Quick Links: Create links to commonly accessed pages that are not already on the menus.

14. Account Settings: Click here to access your settings and account information.

Getting Started

To get started, go to the My Big Campus website.
Click on the Login link. 
Use the same username and password you use for the school network.
Click on the school field and type in Community High School 94 and select it in the options.

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