Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Four Teens and the Village of La Llorona by Norma E.

            Once, a little bit far from the village, there was a woman who drowned her own children in the river next to her house. When the father saw that the children weren’t at home, he ran straight outside to the river and then found his wife with the children holding them but...they were dead. Since the father had a knife in his pocket, he grabbed the knife and stabbed his wife for killing their children. Blood came out of the woman’s body because the father was stabbing her so many times. The father was saying to his wife, “Die!! Die!!” The people of the village started to talk about it. They call her “La Llorona” because they say that she cries for her children to rest in peace. Years passed for the village that is close to the house of La Llorona.

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Anonymous said...

The ending is terrifying! Good job. ~Dr. Sanders