Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dare to Scare by Alyssa C.

Scary, Terrifying Short Story

There’s a disease stirring silently in every mortal’s heart. This disease is not physically fatal but mentally, its suffocating grip can drive any normal person to the brink of insanity. It hides behind multiple masks of deception. Everyone a mortal loves and cherishes most certainly has a form of this sickening illness.
This infection can be described as symptoms of having a creepy, crawling, sniveling creature that seems to burrow itself in the deepest parts of one’s’ soul. This ugly thing can hibernate for months, years, or decades at a time!  Some snuggle in the deepest part of their subconscious, where guilt slowly eats away their conscience. ONLY in rare cases does a mortal admit they have this creature and finally receive the cure in doing so. But many would rather live with this creature until they’re picking their graves! AAAAHHHAAAAHHHAAAAA….

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Anonymous said...

The "note" added a great twist. Very scary!