Thursday, June 7, 2012

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without me? (and other concerns)- Mindy Kaling

The author of this book, Mindy Kaling, has many different perspectives on her life. She is a child of immigrants, a self-conscious chubster, a pre-teen girl in a clique, a college student, a broke twenty year old and eventually a comedy writer and actress. Mindy Kaling puts her life down on paper in a way in which anyone can relate and laugh. She makes fun of herself and makes her readers laugh while doing it. In her book, Mindy goes through stages of her life, explaining her hilarious personal experiences and even mentioning some other famous characters. She eventually gets to the part of her life where everyone knows her as a comedy writer for “The Office” and even an actress on the show. This famous show has given Mindy additional acting opportunities and even more silly stories. Hopefully she will share these in a sequel to this great, light, laugh-out-loud read. I can say this book is a perfect read for teens because lots of action is happening and it will definitely keep your attention. It also is relatable to teen life which makes it much more enjoyable. I recommend this book to anyone who has a good sense of humor or any fan of the hit show “The Office”.

Marianne U.

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