Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tech Tuesday presents Tagxedo

Do your students enjoy making word clouds using Wordle? If so, they will appreciate the ease of using Tagxedo and turning their words into shapes.
Below is a word cloud made using Tagxedo to promote our upcoming Book Fair "Sail into Reading",
May 14th - May 16th

Using Tagxedo is free and requires no student or teacher registration. Getting started requires a .txt file so your first step is to change your Word doc to a plain text file by using the save as feature or copy and paste your Word doc. into Note Pad. This will create a .txt file that you can now save to your folder.

Creating your word cloud:  Tagxedo allows you to load your .txt file and lets creativity begin. Try various shapes and color schemes once you're satisfied with your word cloud choose the save feature (not available on Wordle) and save it to your file. Now its ready to be printed or uploaded to your classroom Blog or Wiki page at anytime.

Classroom uses are the same as for using a Wordle, check out our blog post to find out how it can be used as a final project. The creative uses are only limited to your imagination.

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