Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reading Books in Your Lexile Range

What is a Lexile score and how is it predicted? Lexiles are strictly a unit of measure that analyzes both text and a reader's ability level. Lexiles work by first measuring a reader's level from a test or program. Books are analyzed by Metamatrix which measures word frequency and sentence length. Lexile scores are indicated with a capital L and range from L 200 (beginning readers) to L 1700 and above (advance readers)

Can knowing my Lexile score help me to become a better reader? Yes, selecting a book slightly above your Lexile score (50 points) can challenge you without losing your ability to comprehend the story. Reading with an advanced reader in tandem is a wonderful strategy for a beginning reader: The advanced reader reads a section of text aloud followed by the beginner reader reading the same text aloud. Also, each reader may take a turn reading a paragraph aloud. This helps a beginner reader develop prosody and speed.

How do I find books in my Lexile range? You can find book titles in your Lexile range and also find
a book in a genre that interest you by going to Fill in your last Lexile score and check which genre interests you, an appropriate book list will follow.

During the summer months select books you'll enjoy reading, challenge yourself with a slightly higher Lexile range and you will return to school next fall a better reader.

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