Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tech Tuesday: WebQuests

What is a WebQuest?
They are inquiry-based lessons or activities that guide learners through information provided on the web. Done correctly, WebQuest engage learners in critical thinking with activities that can be completed independently or in groups.

WebQuests can contain video segments, images, encyclopedia articles and websites. Students make the best use out of the internet while activating critical thinking. “For more information on WebQuests” 

Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University designed the first WebQuest model. Since then waves of educators have embraced WebQuests around the world. A plethora of WebQuests exist that require higher levels of thinking not just summarizing. For more information on “selecting a good WebQuest”  visit this link.

How to create a WebQuest?








The wheel needn't be invented twice so search through the available WebQuests and adapt one for your class. Just remember to give credit to the author/s.

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