Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tech Tip Tuesday ~ QR Codes

So What Exactly is a QR Code?

QR  codes have actually been around since the late 1990’s and originated in tech savvy Japan. Today’s uses are endless from business’ promoting their products to teachers using QR codes in their classrooms to link to homework or classroom blogs. Students are using Skanz Bands to create their digital fingerprints and share the QR code on the band with their friends smart phones.

How do you make QR codes?
QR codes can be made in three steps.

First you need to copy the link and paste it into a QR code maker such as Wasp (If your link is too long it can be shortened by TinyURL ) and then copied and pasted into your code maker.

Second click create QR code and your code is ready for step three which is copying and pasting your QR code to your website or saving it to a file for future use.

How to you read a QR code?

These two dimensional barcodes can be scanned by your smart phone. You will need to load a free barcode reader such as Barcode App for Android

 Try It

This QR code was created so you can vote for your favorite Abe Award Nominee of 2011-2012.

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