Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love Stories

February, the heart of Valentine's Day and what better time of year to talk about romance and tainted love. The four books featured this week are full of romance, love, and sometimes hate. 

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
Shiver is on the 2011-2012 Abraham Lincoln Nominees list and is a New York Best Seller. It's also the first book in the series called Wolves of Mercy Falls. This Short Video captures some of this fascinating and unique romance.

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen
Dreamland deals with a very tough but real problem for some teenagers. Sarah Dessen delves into teenage love and abuse with compassion and insight. On Caitlin’s 16th birthday her older sister Cass ran away from home with her boyfriend to see the world.

Cass’ behavior allows Caitlin to feel she could reinvent herself now that she has a runaway teen for a sister and in walks Rogerson. Caitlin meets Rogerson at a nursing home where she volunteers. Rogerson is serving community time where Caitlin watches as he sells drugs to one of the nursing home staff members. Rogerson is handsome, rich and no doubt about it the man about town. He sweeps Caitlin off her feet but it doesn’t last long. One day Caitlin witnesses the abuse Rogerson deals with from his father. Rogerson’s confides in Caitlin and once she is in his inner circle of trust he begins to abuse her. This is a story about tainted love and how dreamland is Caitlin's safe place.

Beastly by Alex Flinn
Another great hit this year on the Abraham Lincoln Nominee Award list. This story is based on the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast". How many of you have seen Beastly the movie? If you liked the movie you will love the book. Beastly won WEGO's heart and was selected as the Abraham Lincoln Award Winner for 2011-2012.

Before I Die by Jenny Downham
This is a riveting story that will make you think about your life and your relationships.  Tessa is just 16 and dying of cancer but in a typical teen fashion she decides to make a bucket list on all the things she wants to do before she dies. She wants to have sex, try drugs, fall in love, and say yes to everyone for a day. After completing the first two things on her bucket list she feels empty and unfulfilled until she meets Adam, the boy next door. Their love unfolds at the same time her life is coming to an end. Jenna Downham writes Tessa’s death in a way that you will remember. This book is sad no doubt but it is also filled with hope for the living. Read this with a box of tissues near!

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