Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bad Romance: Stories about Guys Trying to Find Love and Failing Hilariously

Here are five stories about high school guys trying to find trying to get a girlfriend and avoid totally embarassing themselves at the same time--but failing miserably at both. Each one endures awkward momeents and  hilarious humiliations while trying to keep their cool.

F Crawford,B 
Crawford, Brent. Carter Finally Gets It
Will Carter is obsessed with only two things during his freshman year—looking cool and getting a girlfriend. Unfortunately, neither comes easy as he hilariously screws up one chance after another to have either one.

F Doyle,L
Doyle, Larry. I love you, Beth Cooper.
Denis Cooverman, graduating senior and captain of the debate team, declares his love for gorgeous head cheerleader Beth Cooper (who doesn't even know he exists) right in the middle of giving a graduation speech in front of the whole school. The craziest night of his life soon follows.

F Koertge,R
Koertge, Ronald. Where the Kissing Never Stops
Life is already hard for 16 year old Walker. His dad has died and his girlfriend has moved away. To make matters worse, his mother decides to take a job as a stripper to support the family. There goes his social life—especially if the cute new girl in school who he has a crush on finds out..

F Korman,G
Korman, Gordon. Son of the Mob
Viice Luca has the hardest time finding and keeping a girlfriend. What's the deal? He is a nice, good looking 17 year old guy, but he also the son of a powerful Mafia boss. After finally finding a girl with potential, it turns out she is the daughter of  an FBI agent investigating his family.

F Wizner,J
Wizner, Jake. Spanking Shakespeare.
Shakespeare Shapiro's parents cursed him with a name that has caused him humiliation all through school. At least he's a good writer like his namesake. It is senior year and all students at his school have to write a memoir of their life so far as a final project. He hopes that his will win the prize for best memoir, and possibly get him a girlfriend (or at least a prom date).

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