Thursday, December 1, 2011

If You Liked Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

You just finished the Hunger Games books and you are itching for another cool story just like it. Well, you are in luck. Here are five books that you might like if you enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy.

F Roth,V  
Divergent by Veronica Roth
In the future, the world is divided into 5 groups, the members of which spend their lives cultivating a particular virtue--selflessness, honesty, intelligence, and peacefulness. Each 16 year old has to pick a group to which he or she will devote the rest of his or her life by enduring a series of extreme tests of physical endurance and intense psychological simulations. The system helps to create a "perfect" world for its inhabitants. For Beatrice Prior, it is her time to choose her path. She can choose to stay with her family or be true to who she really is--she can't do both.

F Dashner, J
Maze Runner by James Dashner
When Thomas wakes up in a giant dark elevator, he has no memory of his life before he woke up. He just knows his name is Thomas--or is it? The doors of the elevator suddenly open and he finds himself looking out on The Glade, a huge outdoor area surrounded by giant stone walls. A group of teenage boys just like him is waiting to greet him. The Glade is a giant maze from which nobody has escaped. Every 30 days a new boy arrives. When a girl arrives the next day, chaos ensues.

F Bacigalupi, P
Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi
In a world reeling from natural disasters and environmental destruction caused by human beings, we have almost run out of oil and the gap between the rich and poor has grown ever wider. In the Gulf Coast region, grounded oil tankers are taken apart by crews of dirt poor teenagers called Ship Breakers. Nailer, a member of the light crew, scavenges for copper and other valuable materials so that he and his abusive, alcoholic dad can survive. One day, a hurricane causes a luxury ship to wreck on the shore near where Nailer lives. He and a friend are able to rescue the lone survivor, a beautiful, wealthy girl. Protecting her and reuniting her with her family could mean a new life for Nailer or unseen dangers that could cost him his life.

F Westerfeld,S
Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
How do you create a world where there is always peace and harmony? Make everyone beautiful, of course! Tally Youngblood is about to reach her 16th birthday and she will finally get the operation that transforms all of the kids in her world from an Ugly into a Pretty. The operation uses cosmetic surgery to change your appearance to conform to an ideal standard of beauty. Tally is looking forward to the operation (as is every teenager) until she meets Shay, a fellow female Ugly who tells her about The Smoke, a colony of outsiders who have chosen to live without technology and who have refused to get the operation.

F Shusterman,N
Unwind by Neal Shusterman
In the near future, a civil war has been fought between those who believe that abortion should be legal and those who think it should be illegal. The result? Abortion of newborns is illegal, but teenagers can be sent to Harvest Farms, where they can have their individual body parts taken and given to other people who need them--they are unwound. So if you get into trouble with the law, are an orphan, or are just unlucky enough, prepare for your unwinding.

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