Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Writting Better Emails: #1 All Email is Public

#1 All Email is Public

All e-mail is public; so, you should not write anything that you wouldn’t want anyone else in the world to read—literally. Since e-mails can be forwarded, copied, hacked, posted on Facebook, seen by prying eyes at unattended computers or printed e-mails left on public printers, please write them with that assumption in mind.

Make sure to avoid sending sensitive username and passwords and financial or other account information. Also, think twice about information that might be career or reputation damaging in the text of your e-mail.

It is always a good to look over an e-mail once before you send it with a critical eye for information that might be better handled in person. If the e-mail was written with a great deal of emotion (e.g. anger, hurt, etc.), save a draft or scrap the whole thing and return to it later.

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