Thursday, October 6, 2011

Missing Harry: More Series to Read if You Liked Harry Potter

So, the last Harry Potter books and movies have been realeased and you have read them all too many times to count. Here are some other series that you might want to read next.

Series: Bartimaeus Triology
Author: Stroud, Jonathan.
First Book: F Stroud, J  The Amulet of Samarkand.
About the Series: In London, where Parliament is controlled by magicians, the rise of apprentice Nathaniel is told through his eyes and those of Bartimaeus, the powerful and irreverent djinn he summons to help him seek revenge and gain influence.

Series: His Dark Materials
Author: Pullman, Philip
First Book: F Pullman, P The Golden Compass.
About the Series: The His Dark Materials trilogy follows Lyra and Will, two kids living in Oxford, England.  Their England is in a parallel world, one with armored polar bears, winged demons, other fantastic creatures and dangerous magical objects. Mixing science, theology and magic, the three books take the kids on epic adventures saving kids in danger to saving the world.

Series: Inheritance Cycle
Author: Paolini, Christopher.
First Book: F Paolini,C Eragon.
About the Series: In the land of Alagaesia, the Dragon Riders kept peace among all of the countries.  One of them, Galbatorix, ends up going mad when his dragon is slain.  He is refused another dragon and starts a war to seek revenge and gain control of Alagaesia. Against him is Eragon, a boy whose family is killed and village terrorized when he finds a dragon egg and becomes a Dragon Rider.

Series: Keys to the Kingdom
Author: Nix, Garth
First Book: F Nix,G Mister Monday.
About the Series: Arthur Penhaligon was supposed to die at a young age from a deadly asthma attack but instead is saved by a magical key. This key opens the door to a mysterious house transporting him to the real world of Second Realms. With the keys help,  Arthur fights his way out but the Fetchers, dog faced creatures are never far behind.

Series: Pendragon
Author: MacHale, D. J
First Book: F MacHale,D  The Merchant of Death.
About the Series: Good verses evil struggles to win in this extensive series. Bobby Pendragon is a 14 year old boy that is transported through time and space by a gateway worm hole with his uncle. He writes to his closest friends Mark and Courtney on earth. As his friends read the letters Bobby’s incredible adventures unfold..

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