Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blind Date by R.L Stine

The book I read was titled “Blind Date” by R.L Stine. The reason I picked this book is because I remember loving “Goosebumps” and I have read a series of R.L Stine’s books in his newest collection and I loved them. So ever since then I have been very interested in his books. My favorite book was “The Perfect Date” so I figured “Blind Date” would be good too. I did enjoy this book. It didn’t have much suspense but a lot of mystery. To my surprise, it wasn’t a spooky supernatural story like the majority of R.L Stine books I have read. This one had a more realistic touch to it which in a way made it more eerie. There was a surprise twist, which I expected there would be, but not the one that was written. I don’t think this book is for everyone but people like me who enjoy a good scary story or a thriller or a book that will keep you wondering, then I recommend this book to those people.

Michelle S.

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