Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting Graphic With Your Ideas

There are some great free tools out there for drawing, brainstorming or creating other visual representations of your ideas. Today, we want to showcase a few that allow you to create, edit, share and collaborate with others for free with just a web browser. - Quickly brainstorm ideas using a mind map. Allow others to edit or just let them view your mind map. This tools is great for brainstorming for a project or classroom activity.

Stixy - Stixy allows you to create a virtual board where you can post related notes, to do items, photos and documents. Teachers could use it to post related information about a project. Student could use it as an alternative product for an assignment.

FlockDraw - Basically a simple drawing tool, FlockDraw lets you give other people access to help create a picture.Just send them the url for your project and they can draw along with you in real time. It might be great to use when you need to create a quick, visual representation of an idea.

Wallwisher - Wallwisher is a virtual bulletin board like Stixy, but you are posting virtual sticky notes. In the notes, you can add text, photos, audio or videos. Post a title or question at the top, share the url and use it to gather instant feedback any topic.

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