Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Vocabulary Love: Foreign Language / ESL Vocabulary Resources

These sites have exercises to help students in ESL or foreign language classes learn new vocabulary words:




This site provides short news articles, games and life skills lessons for ESL students learning new vocabulary. The audience is only Spanish speakers at the moment, but it could probably be used for other ESL learners as well.

Vocabulary for the visual or auditory learner:

Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon
Provides pictures to illustrate vocabulary in English or other languages.

Forvo allows people to submit audio pronunciations for words. Listen to variations from speakers from various backgrounds and vote on the best ones.

This site collects videos from around that web that have had captions/subtitles added. It might be useful for ESL learners.
Useful for learning Spanish, the site includes video dialogues, translations, and vocabulary guides.

Use the vocabulary that you learned:

Make simple comic strips with ready made characters, dialouge bubbles and props. The program accepts special characters from other languages as well. You can use the Type It website to create the dialouge if you need to insert special characters in Spanish, French or German.

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Amanda said...

This is amazing!! Thank you for your post. I will be using these sites in my classroom. As always, the WeGo LRC proves their fabulousness.