Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Perfect Chemistry- Simone Elkeles

This book is another Romeo and Juliet story. Alex is more of a poor boy from the South side of Chicago. He’s a very smart young man and good at school. His mother is hard working and he helps take care of his little brothers while his mom works. He’s a poor Latino Blood who goes to school with a girl named Brittany he doesn’t like at all.

Brittany is a rich girl from the north side of Chicago who goes to school with Alex; her family is kind of neglectful. Well, Alex and Brittany end up having Chemistry class together and have to be partners. They didn’t know they would actually start liking each other. This book is a page turner. Do you think Brittany and Alex will end up in a relationship together or not? This book is full of surprises and twists, so read it to find out.

Cearia P.

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