Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Go Ask Alice By: Anonymous

I really enjoyed "Go Ask Alice" because it is a true story. This book is about a young 15 year old girl who gets addicted to the life of drugs, alcohol and sex. Alice is going through a difficult time in her life; she had her heart broken, she isn’t very popular and she has to leave her hometown.

Alice doesn’t adjust well to her new surroundings so she ends up going back to her hometown and spends the whole summer with her grandparents. She ends up meeting with old school mate, Jill, but what she doesn’t know is that Jill is not as nice as she seems. Jill invites Alice over for a party. Jill and her friends end up slipping acid to Alice and that is when the addiction begins. I think a lot of high school girls can relate to Jill since many students are having a lot of urges to try new things and it shows the consequences.

Jennifer L.

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