Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Confessions of a backup dancer

Confessions of a Backup Dancer
Author, unknown

Yes, I did like this book a lot. I liked it because it was very interesting and there was always something happening in the book. It was never boring because there was always action and I can relate to the book because Kelly was always tired, sore and hungry and I know that is how I am during my swim seasons. So I can relate to how tired she was. I dance also so I know what it is like to be exhausted.

I think other students would like to read this book if they could relate to it like I did. I don’t think they would enjoy it unless they could relate. And they would also read it if they wanted to enjoy a book where there was always something happening. Those are the reasons why I think people would read it and I think they should because it really is a good book.

Victoria R.

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