Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Badges by Mona Ruiz

This book is a very good book if you like inspirational stories and want to see how much people struggle but make good things come out of it. This book is about a young girl who lives in Santa Ana, California and joins a gang called the F-Troopers. The story tells a lot about how she struggles as a young girl, dropping out of school, getting pregnant and marrying an abusive husband who hit her in front of her children. Her dream, as well as her dad’s, has always been to become a police officer of Santa Ana. As she grows up, she faces many decisions. Her biggest decision is whether to follow her dream and become a police officer or keep on gang banging and go against some of her family members and friends.

I really liked this book because it shows how a young girl struggles so much growing up and how many hard decisions she went through but made the best of the experiences she had. I recommend other students read this book because it shows no matter how bad things are in your life you can always get out and become anything in life you want.

Magali C.

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