Friday, May 22, 2009

The Rules of Survival by: Nancy Werlin

This book is a very interesting book that everybody might enjoy. It starts when Matt is writing a letter to his little sister, Emmy. He writes everything that has happened so when Emmy grows up she will look back on how her mom was, what happened and even who Murdoch was. Something else about which he wrote were situations he had been through that maybe Emmy might not remember. The characters in this book are Matt, Callie, Emmy, their mother, Vikki and Murdoch. Vikki starts to change when Murdoch breaks up with her. Her kids realize she has changed a lot in her attitudes. Her mom (Nikki) starts to go crazy and gets out of control and later she ends up in jail. That is how Aunt Bobbie is in charge of them because Nikki is told she can't be in charge anymore because she has spent time in jail. She is so sad and angry and feels like crying but she doesn't show her emotions.

At the end of the story Matt is living with Aunt Bobbie who is his mother's sister and so is Emmy but not Callie. Callie goes with her husband because she got pregnant and also because she wanted to be with him. Right now she is really happy with her husband and she is in love. Aunt Bobbie is taking good care of Matt and Emmy because she's a really good guardian and parent for them.

Miriam F.

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