Monday, March 23, 2009

Identical by Ellen Hopkins

In this 565 page young adult novel Ellen Hopkins portrays her unique style of writing in free verse. This book is indeed graphic, containing sex, incest, booze and drugs but these are the struggles with which some people deal on a day to day basis. This novel portrays the Gardella family as picture perfect but inside the walls of their house it is a nightmare no one wants to live. The end of the book will come with a surprising twist that will make you want to read it over again.

Identical is told by two narrators, the Gardella's identical twins, Raeanne and Kaeleigh. They both share a deep dark secret but have different ways of coping with their secret. Raeanne abuses herself with sexual behavior and drug abuse while Kaeleigh binges and cuts herself. The family was once "normal" but everything took a 180 degree turn when the family was in a serious accident that caused the tightly bound family to drift apart. The father is a well respected district attorney and the mother is a highly successful politician. The public eye sees no bad in the parents and that is exactly the problem. Both twins fight for Daddy's new kind of love but Kaeleigh is the only one who receives his love at night and that makes Raeanne very jealous.

Ellen Hopkins tells the story of two girls fighting to survive in their family but who will make it out alive?

Ileana T.

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