Thursday, March 19, 2009

Breaking Point by Alex Flinn

This guy named Paul has moved to Miami and he has to go to a new school. The school is filled with rich students who are all stuck up and do not like anyone who isn't like them. Paul is definitely not like any of them. Paul is the outcast in the school until one day when he meets a popular kid named Charlie Good. Most people know who Paul is because he is the new kid but no one really likes him. Later in the day Charlie starts talking to Paul. In the book they become close friends and Paul starts to hang out with him and his popular friends. After a short period of time Charlie starts to ask Paul to do different things for him like doing his homework and other small tasks. Paul willingly does them because he wants to hang out with Charlie and be a part of the cool group of people. As he does these tasks he realizes what he has done and discovers Charlie has been setting him up the whole time they were friends. How far will Paul go or will he get pushed to the breaking point??

I liked this book because it was interesting and I always wanted to read more of it. I think other students would like this book because it’s not boring.

Kevin K.

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