Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bottled Up by Jaye Murray

Pip Downs is a sixteen year old kid who has had a few disadvantages from the start of his life. His father is an extremely abusive alcoholic and his mother has never done much about it. His daily life consists of cutting classes, smoking as much pot as possible behind a local deli and getting drunk at a cemetery with his drug dealing friends. He is doing all of this simultaneously while trying to play the part of the "catcher in the rye" for his brother, whose innocence he is desperately attempting to protect in a house of chaos. This fictional, yet very possible story, is full of adolescent struggles like peer pressure, potential love interests and trying to be a better person. This book is most definitely for a teen audience but a more mature teen audience.
In "Bottled Up" the life of a troubled teen is told through his own point-of-view. Through 217 pages, the reader finds out about all the main characters’ most dangerous decisions. When reading this story you get an opportunity to look deep inside the psyche of a teenager with no ambition and a troubled home life.

Thomas B.

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