Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess

Such a Pretty Girl, by Laura Wiess, is the story of Meredith Shale, a fifteen year-old girl who struggles with her past and her beliefs. As a child, Meredith's father raped her, as well as several other children, including her boyfriend, Andy. Although she was promised nine years away from him, he got out in three. After her father's return, it's all downhill for Meredith. Almost immediately, he comes after her wanting her more than ever. The book takes place over the course of three days but it is those three days that change Meredith's life forever. If you're into suspenseful, heart-wrenching stories you will love Such a Pretty Girl. I recommend this book to anyone who loves the drama of a young teen's life and to someone who doesn't mind a slightly religious book to stir up some thoughts for themselves.

Diana G.

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