Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Fallen by Paul Langan

Do you like stories about shooting and gangs? How about stories about friendships that go wrong? If so, then the novel "The Fallen" written by Paul Lagan would be a perfect story for you to read. This story is about a guy named Martin Luna who lost his brother in a gang shooting. Luna and his homeboys are looking for revenge on the person who killed his brother. Martin is in a bubble and doesn't know what to do. He is not sure if he should go to the cops and snitch on his homies or if he should let everything go. I would recommend this book to people who are interested in these types of books. Martin was with his homeboys hanging out cleaning cars. One of Martin's best friends told him his brother was behind a trash can. If Martin would have told Guero to leave him and his friends alone and go home, Guero wouldn't have been shot and would be alive. Martin's mother blames him for his 12 year old brother's death. Guero looked up to Martin. He always followed him everywhere Luna would go. In Martin's dream all he keeps seeing is him holding his brother in his arms full of blood while he cries for Guero to wake up. Never did Martin experience such a horrible thing in his life as holding his brother for the last time in his arms.Mrs. Luna wants to move with Martin to a new house out of the barrio. Martin disapproves because he doesn't want to leave his town and his boys behind. For Martin, starting a new school with different people he wouldn't know at all and everybody being a stranger to him wasn't a good idea. For being the new student, he got into trouble a lot and never cared about getting in trouble. All he cared about was getting revenge for his brother. In my point of view, I give this book 10 stars out of 10. The readers will feel like they had been in the situation the same as Martin. Never would someone be alone when a brother or a relative has passed away. The book talks about what goes on in the barrio for people who get involved in gangs and how life gets when someone loses a family member. "The Fallen" is a great book to read if you went through Martin's life or just love reading about gangs and action. I recommend the book to people who love these types of categories.

Alfonso M.

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