Thursday, November 6, 2008

All Around The Town By Mary Higgins Clark

This novel is about a mystery of a murder. In the beginning, it all takes place when the main character, Laurie, was kidnapped at the age of four and then in those two years of her kidnapping, terrible things happened to her. That is why she is traumatized and developed multiple personalities. When she was returned home she never talked about what happened to her and she tried to block those years from her memory. She tries to live her life normally but then 14 years pass and she is in college and is accused of killing her college professor. They say one of her personalities was writing crazy love letters to him and then she killed him. She has to prove to the judge she was kidnapped at the age of four and that is what caused her to develop multiple personalities. If they can prove that, Laurie will be able to be on parole for the murder of her professor. But they have a time limit to try to get Laurie's personalities to talk about what happened to her when she was kidnapped.

Anais A.

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